New Orlean (USA)Edit

Big Fish01:27

Big Fish

New Orlean

I did this wideo in New Orleans zoo. Sharks and some others fish.

New-Orleans, 2004, fish03:01

New-Orleans, 2004, fish

Some nice fish in zoo of New Orleans


House of W.Folkner

Some ReferencesEdit

Паршиков И.А. (Dr Igor A. Parshikov)  Bioconversions

My Twitter

The International NanoScience Community

Nano-Lab LLC. Nanotechnology Center (Dr Denis N. Karimov, Director)

My orcid qrcode

My ORCID qrcode

Salt Lake City, UtahEdit

General Meeting of American Society for Microbiology, Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Utah, May 19-23, 200201:39

Salt Lake City, Utah, May 19-23, 2002

Salt Lake City

Oxford, MSEdit

Исторический музей г06:03

Исторический музей г.Оксфорд, MS


Museum of Olemiss


New Orleans

Nanolab LLCEdit

ООО Нано-Лаб, центр нанотехнологий

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