Паршиков И.А.

Исследования в бумажной промышленности, ЦНИИБ
(Researches in Paper Industry, CRIP)

Parshikov I.A., Zaraisky E.I. Study of the nature of polysaccharides synthesized by the microflora of circulating water of paper mills. // Young Scientist (Rus). 2011, №9, - P.80-82.
Igor A. Parshikov, Viktor V. Lapin. Lipases in Paper Industry. Presentation at the Meeting of the AMTgroup, Moscow, Russia, April 26, 2010.
Vorob'eva L.I., Parshikov I.A., Ol'sinskaya N.L., Bol'shova N.I., Parshikova V.V. Method for manufacturing levanhydrolase, a slime-decomposing compound. USSR Inventor's Certificate N 1542956, 1989 (Cl. C12N 9/14); Chemical Abstracts 1990, v. 113, P150881d.
Parshikov I.A., Bol'shova N.I., Simonova L.N., Parshikova V.V. Studeing of bacteria isolated in the Kondopozhskii paper mill. Trudy TsNIIB, 1988, Moscow, P.113-119; Chemical Abstracts 1989, v. 110, P151102a.
Parshikov I.A., Simonova L.N., Vasichkina H.I., Agapova L.M., Boev V.S., Fetisova L.E., Bol'shova N.I. A fungicide composition for slime control, USSR Inventor's Certificate N 1542912, 1987 (Cl. C02F 1/50); Chemical Abstracts 1990, v. 112, P223097u.
Parshikov I.A., Vasichkina H.I., Simonova L.N., Bol'shova N.I., Pshenichnikov V.S., Bondar' A.A., Zavatskii V.N., Gevaza Yu.I., Golik G.A. Prevention of slime formation. USSR Inventor's Certificate N 1451100, 1986 (Cl. C02F 1/50, E21B 43/22); Chemical Abstracts 1989, v. 111, P12111k.
Parshikov I.A., Vasichkina H.I., Simonova L.N., Bol'shova N.I. Slime control in paper industry. Cellulose, Paper and Cardboard, N 7, Moscow; VNIPIEIlesprom, (in Russian), 1986, 32 pp., (Review).

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